A downloadable Short Story Collection

This is a collection of four unfinished smaller works that I wrote about romance, in a few different forms.

Heart Witch is a short piece about the idea of pouring your heart into something, and then sharing it with somebody else.

Long Distance is two related pieces that might someday become a full light novel about a robot girl, her cyborg girlfriend, and the stress of a long-distance relationship enhanced by technology. 2 AM, PST was written first, but comes after Build-a-Friend.

Love Potion is a piece missing its middle part about a human who's in love with an orc but just can't find the words to express herself, until an accident happens. 

If you like any of them, or have thoughts on how you think they should progress or what's already present in them, I'd love to read your comments! These have been lightly edited from the original frenzies of activity that inspired me to write them.


Heart Witch.pdf 28 kB
Long Distance - 2 AM, PST.pdf 47 kB
Long Distance - Build-a-Friend.pdf 62 kB
Love Potion .pdf 71 kB


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I really loved it! Long distance hit me doubly hard, as I'm about to enter that situation myself. I loved the concept of AI development in those stories, with the main character looking at the little girl's friend and wondering what will become of her. Love potion was also really great, it had me squeeing and awwing the whole time. Overall,the collection was amaizng, and I'd love to see you follow up on any of these!

Aw, thank you! I'm really glad you enjoyed it!!